January 05, 2019
Contact: Deepak Anand

AIM & Mandate Letter

Dear Residents of Mississauga - Malton,

I would like to begin by thanking you for choosing me as your Member of Provincial Parliament and allowing me to serve you. I decided to run for this position because I felt that there was a distinct disconnect between the government and the people. I hope that I can fill that gap. I am writing this letter to you to explain my priorities and the vision I have for Mississauga - Malton. The priorities I have outlined below are based on the platform that I released last year called my AIM. These are all issues that I am Active, Inspired and Motivated to work on. As your local representative, my plan includes working on youth empowerment, education, local employment, community engagement and housing.

According to a report from the Region of Peel, 28% of youth feel excluded from their community and even more feel disconnected from politics, this is a problem that I am going to tackle with a few different initiatives. First of all, to bridge the disconnect between our youth and the government I will encourage schools to take students on field trips to Queen’s Park to ensure that they gain a better understanding of how their government works. By seeing and experiencing daily government protocol, youth will gain a better knowledge of future careers and how to engage civically. Furthermore, I believe to ensure youth engagement within the riding, we must listen to and understand their problems. This will be done by creating a youth council, which will allow me to learn about issues that face young people today, what their needs are and how the PC government can help tackle these issues. Moreover, the youth unemployment throughout the riding is around 25%. I plan to collaborate with local companies to create a special career and internship fair in order to bring employers and youth closer together. This will also allow youth to create vital connections with employers amongst their own community. In return this will encourage local employers to hire local talent, thus growing the economy and involving youth within the community. I also plan to create a similar fair for Mississauga - Malton charities and NGO’s so that students can be exposed to various ways they can get involved and help within their community. To maximize engagement and government youth connections, I am a big proponent of the Malton Youth Wellness Hub. This will allow them to access mental health and addictions services they need from trained professionals. Thus I am going to work to bring back a sense of belongingness into our youth so that they can feel connected to the community and proud of where they come from.

In like manner, there are gaps in our education system and I want to improve it by advocating for changes that will bring our curriculum into this millennium. I promise to work with local school Trustees, to make make sure our education is supportive and giving our children the necessary tools needed for the future. I will be advocating to bring more funding into schools to guarantee better special needs education. I will also work to introduce 21st Century Education into our schools; this will include introducing financial literacy courses and more emphasis on Coding and Computer Science in the curriculum so that our children are prepared for life after school. Finally, in regards to the sex ed section within the health and physical education curriculum, I will be working with parents to create a curriculum that is inclusive of the needs of both parents and students. Our education system is rooted in the last millennium and I will work to help change it that so our children are better prepared for the information age.

Additionally, I want to work with local businesses to grow the local economy. According to a federal report, Mississauga - Malton has an unemployment rate of 9.1% which is higher than the city average of 8.3 %. That said, the riding itself provides a significant amount of income within the city due to the high levels of industry - including the international airport. I will work with the other local politicians to encourage more businesses to settle within the riding. Furthermore, we as a PC government will be driving down electricity costs and providing tax reliefs to small businesses to ensure that companies will stay in the area and provide high-quality employment. And finally, we will be creating special career fairs as listed above to help with youth unemployment. By supporting the local economy, we will be able to grow as a community together.

The dream of owning a home is becoming more and more distant for many people due to the rising house prices. As of January 2018, housing prices have gone up by 17% here in Mississauga, I will address this problem by advocating for more affordable housing in the riding by working with non-profits and cooperatives as well as the private sector. This will be done by using a combination of rent supplements and tax reliefs for those from low-income households. I will also be advocating for reducing the red tape and processing times involved in planning and building houses which will help to increase supply and thereby control prices.

Finally, to ensure engagement with residents I will be holding regular town hall meetings throughout the year to have a current and better understanding of what the people need and want. The riding will be organized into five different zones in order to better target problems in the different neighbourhoods. Moreover, should there be any issues communicated to our office, I am committed that my office will provide an initial response within 72 hours followed by regular feedback on the status of the solution.

I hope this letter offers you some insight of my plans and vision for Mississauga - Malton. While there are many other issues that are important to me (such as transit) that I have not touched upon here, the issues and solutions listed above were among the first reasons why I decided to run. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve the community and to create an even greater Mississauga - Malton. I believe that we can solve the issues by working together as stakeholders that include residents, businesses, service providers, volunteers , media and elected officials. I promise to work tirelessly with our team of stakeholders to honour the trust you have given me. If you have any concerns, ideas or suggestions - my door is always open and I am always here to listen.

Yours truly,

Deepak Anand

MPP for Mississauga Malton