Digital Dealer Registration Pilot

Published on September 17, 2019

Ontario is improving the customer experience at car dealerships by launching a digital dealer registration pilot program to allow businesses to apply for permits, plates and validation stickers online.


September 17, 2019

Helping save businesses time and money, the government committed to launching the pilot in spring 2020. It is currently being developed through province-wide user research and engagement with car dealerships, rental car and fleet vehicle organizations, as well as ServiceOntario network providers.

The government is using a digital-first approach to define, design and iterate a digital dealer registration solution. This begins by understanding users and their needs and will require ongoing input from dealerships. Part of this user research includes a survey being sent to the over 7,300 registered car dealership and fleet managers in Ontario.

A variety of options are being considered to develop a digital solution to provide convenience and speed to Ontario dealerships when they are completing vehicle licensing and titling transactions.

Digital first, not digital only

The Government is committed to putting people first in the delivery of government services. Offering a digital-first approach provides Ontarians with the choice to receive services in the manner, and at the time, of their choosing. By adopting digital practices, the government is fixing outofdate and overly bureaucratic processes and policies that waste time and money, reduce the quality of government services and frustrate the people of Ontario.

However, digital-first does not mean digital only. The government recognizes that an in-person service delivery channel will continue to be an important component of government service delivery. 


Quick facts:

  • This pilot aligns with the intent of Bill 50, the Cutting Red Tape for Motor Vehicle Dealers Act, a private member’s bill brought forward by, Mike Harris, MPP for Kitchener—Conestoga.
  • In Ontario, car dealerships currently perform:

o     87% of vehicle registrations

o     68% of vehicle transfer of ownerships

  • User research indicates that dealerships spend large amounts of time and money licensing vehicles.
  • Offering dealers a digital registration option will save dealers, and consumers, time and money.