February 2020 E-Newsletter

Published on February 07, 2020

From the Desk of Your MPP

Dear Neighbours,

I hope everyone is settling into the new decade and ready to rock year 2020. Throughout my past experiences, I’ve learned, and I’m sure, you will agree ‘Together we stand stronger, push ourselves farther, and enjoy life better’.

Spending time with family strengthens bonds and leads to a healthier and unified society. Studies have also shown that more family time equals to more happiness. When families come together, communities grow, and everything becomes fun.

The month of February is very close to my heart as it is the time to celebrate and honour all Canadians of African and Caribbean descent, their legacies, and their contributions to our great nation's history.

I'm so proud of the fact that quite a few of the Loyalists that migrated here after the American Revolution were African Canadians. Black History Month gives us an opportunity to learn and cherish the sacrifices and contributions made by Black Canadians.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for staying connected and I urge you to attend Family Paint Night on February 16. I look forward to meeting and spending time with you.



Queen's Park Updates

Ontario Continues to Lead Nation in Job Creation

Statistics Canada has announced that employment in Ontario increased by 15,900 in January. Since June 2018, employment in Ontario has risen by 307,800.

The unemployment rate is now 5.2%, a -0.1 change from last month. Full-time employment in January has gone up by 10,000 jobs, and part-time employment in January has gone up by 6,000 jobs.

Tackling Guns & Gangs

The Ontario government is providing $20.5 million to Peel Regional Police to give police officers the tools and resources they need to increase community policing, combat gun and gang violence, and keep streets safe.

Part of the funding will go towards Peel Regional Police's Community Mobilization Program. This initiative assigns police officers to small teams that work directly with members of the community on projects to improve public safety including neighbourhood watches, town hall meetings, and cultural community outreach. This initiative is part of the $195 million total investment the province is making over the next three years through the province's new Community Safety and Policing (CSP) Grant program

These investments build on our earlier commitment an additional $16.4 million to boost local crime prevention, enforcement, and prosecution in communities across Ontario through the development of a province-wide strategy.

Investing in Health Infrastructure Renewal

Ontario is investing $175 million this year through the Health Infrastructure Renewal Fund to help hospitals across the province maintain their infrastructure and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for patients to receive care. Ontario is investing in the health and safety of patients as it addresses urgent upgrades, repairs, and maintenance at 131 hospitals across the province to help keep them in good working order.

These investments will help ensure that patients across Ontario can receive the care they need in a safe and comfortable setting. Maintaining hospital infrastructure is one more example of how we are working towards ensuring that Ontarians have the health care services they can depend on while building the capacity we need to end hallway health care.

Trillium Health Partners will receive a total of $4,672,219

  • Credit Valley Hospital - $3,300,000
  • Mississauga Hospital - $975,000
  • Queensway Health Centre - $400,000

Red & White Health Cards

Starting July 1, red and white health cards will not be accepted for OHIP. This is to protect the health care system against fraud.

You can get a photo health card at a ServiceOntario centre for free. You need to bring the following to the ServiceOntario centre:

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or OHIP-eligible immigration status
  • Proof of residency in Ontario
  • Proof of Identity
  • A complete Health Card Re-Registration form

Red and white cardholders who do not convert their cards by July 1 may be asked to pay up-front for insured health services as their red and white health card will not be valid.

Talking Mental Health

On January 29, I joined the conversation on mental health for Bell Let's Talk Day.

Celebrating Black History Month

January Town Hall Meeting

On January 21, I was joined by residents of Mississauga-Malton at Le Flambeau Elementary School for my first town hall of the new decade.

I provided updates from Queen’s Park including job creation and economic benefits in the province, and the introduction of free dental care for low-income seniors. I also discussed opportunities for young residents at the Ontario Legislative Assembly.

Representatives from Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) did a short presentation on consumer protection and rights in the travel industry. The Drug Awareness Society of Toronto was also present to talk about drug usage and problems.

To address issues of mental health in Mississauga-Malton, representatives were present from the Ministry of Mental Health and Addiction and Peel Police. Kara Johnson from the Ministry spoke about the roll-out of the long-term strategy for mental health in Ontario. Peel Police Community Mobilization Unit talked about the importance of the unit and their new program, where a social worker and police officer respond together to an immediate mental health crisis call.

I also took questions and suggestions from the audience. There was overwhelming concern about new drivers in the province and a suggestion was made to put stickers on vehicles driven by new drivers. This would alert others on the road to be more mindful of and patient with this driver. We will take this suggestion to the Ministry of Transportation to check on its feasibility.

Thank you to the community for making this event a successful one. I look forward to seeing you at the next Town Hall meeting!

Seniors' Wellness Seminar

On Friday, January 24, we organized a Seniors’ Wellness Seminar at the Four Corners Health Centre in Westwood Square.

The focus of the seminar was teaching seniors the benefits of using an abacus. They learned how the abacus can stimulate the mind to body connection and learned about other benefits such as short term memory.

Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) facilitated the learning and answered any detailed and technical questions about the Abacus.

Thank you to everyone who attended for making this a successful event.


Learn More About the Ministry of Economic Development

InterCom is the official international commerce newsletter of the Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade.

This newsletter series will focus on economic development and job creation through inter-provincial, cross-border, and global trade. This first edition of InterCom focuses on the recent trade mission to India.

Over the course of 5 days, I joined 12 Ontario business delegates and the Minister for Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade as we visited Delhi and Mumbai. Together, we participated in more than 100 business-to-business meetings, site tours, and networking events, with hundreds of Indian companies.

CROPInterCom_Issue_1_Jan_2020_5b-page-003.jpg CROPInterCom_Issue_1_Jan_2020_5b-page-002.jpg

Alectra Utilities Launches the AffordAbility Fund

Alectra Utilities has set up a new AffordAbility Fund that aims to help those most in need to ease their monthly cost of electricity.

The AffordAbility Fund will help you reduce your electricity usage by replacing old, inefficient products with state-of-the-art energy-efficient products.

The AffordAbility Fund can:

  • Improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Lower your home’s energy use
  • Lower your electricity

Ontarians who do not qualify for low-income conservation programs but who want to conserve energy as a way to reduce their electricity bills may qualify for an in-home energy assessment and free energy-saving upgrades.

For questions or more information call 1-855-494-3863 or visit the AffordAbility website.

ECLYPSE is Offering Job Placements for Unemployed Youth

ECLYPSE is offering a 16-week program for unemployed youth. The Employment and Skills Enhancement Program for Peel Youth includes 4 weeks of paid training and 12 weeks of paid job placement. If you are between 15-30 years old and a resident of the Region of Peel, you may qualify!

Employers can also take advantage of the program.  ECLYPSE provides you with youth employees and pays their wages, all you have to do is cover the Mandatory Employment Related Costs (MERC's).

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Out and About in January

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At Mayor's New Year Levee

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