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As we say hello to the month of July, we have so much to celebrate. This month, we honour our wonderful home of Canada, the official start of summer, and we celebrate our own NBA Champs - the Toronto Raptors! As a team, the Raptors demonstrate many admirable Canadian values including respect for all individuals, celebrating differences, and equality. We are also fortunate to live in a country like Canada where volunteering and giving back to the community is at the core of our being. 

While we bask in the excitement of this amazing summer season, I want us all to continue to be inspired by the Raptors’ team spirit as it relates to our community. My team and I plan to keep that spirit going by taking advantage of the warmer weather and getting out there to meet our constituents. So far, we have held two community clean-up days, we are planning a blood drive and a STEM workshop this month, and you may see us in and around your neighbourhood throughout the season.

A big thank you to everyone for your continued support. Stay tuned for more community events, and don’t forget, we are available at our community office during weekdays.

And finally, take some time to relax, get some sun, and find ways to team up wit h your friends and family to contribute to our beautiful community. In the words of the great Michael Jordan: “talent wins games, teamwork wins championships.” I know that we have some amazing talent within Mississauga-Malton, now let’s team up and win!


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Queen's Park Update

After a year of hard work at Queen's Park, the Premier announced some changes to his Cabinet. These changes have resulted in the creation of a new ministry - The Ministry of Long Term Care as well as the appointment of five new associate ministers.

Canada Day Celebrations

Canada Day is a day when all Canadians come together to honour this great, beautiful and diverse country. I spent my day going around the community, meeting with constituents and sharing in their celebrations.

Honoring Our Remarkable Citizens

Over the last few months, people from across our community nominated others who make a difference for the first annual Mississauga-Malton Remarkable Citizens Award. On June 28, we had a ceremony to commemorate the winners. I'd like to congratulate everyone who received this award and hope that next year we are able to recognize even more remarkable citizens. 

Celebrating Seniors Month 

June was Seniors' month and we wanted to recognize the contributions and importance of seniors in our community. This past month, we have worked with the Seniors' Ministry to address specific issues in our community. We toured the Butterfly Ward here in Malton Village as well as organized a  Seniors Appreciation Day at Malton Village. I hope to continue to work with the ministry and the community to make the lives of seniors easier. This year, we are aging strong!

My Clean Malton

I organized a community clean-up day in the green space and pathway behind the Walmart Supercentre in Malton on Jun 23. This specific area of Malton has been part of the community clean-up drive before and volunteers gave many suggestions of how to maintain and improve the area. I will work with my municipal colleagues to put some of their thoughts into action



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Out and About in June

With the winners of STEM1's Junior Hackathon 2019
Celebrating Italian Heritage Month
Car of the future powered by hydrogen!

Great time at the TD Music Festival
Let's go Raptors!
Visiting Osmow's headquarters 


Want to Go to Japan For a Year?

There is an exciting opportunity offered by the Japanese government. The Japan Exchange and Teaching program is a sponsored exchange program that offers university graduates opportunities to work in various positions in Japan. If this interests you, you can find more information at www.jetprogramme.ca. 


Ontario Recognizes PTSD Awareness Day for the First time

"We expect our frontline workers; firefighters, police, paramedics, correctional, probation and parole officers - and other correctional staff - to put their lives on the line to protect us and our communities, exposing themselves to traumatic events that can lead to mental health issues. Our government will look after these heroes."

— Solicitor General

ORBIS in Canada

I recently had the chance visit the world's only flying eye hospital - ORBIS, when the plane landed at Pearson Airport. They go to places where they are needed most and teach the best doctors how to treat even the toughest of patients. We hear the phrase "be the change you want to see in the world" often, but they embody it. I thank them for their work and wish them the best in all their future endeavors.

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