Deepak Hosts 2nd Mississauga-Malton Youth Initiatives Meeting; The Premier Attends

Published on March 09, 2019

Mississauga, Ontario – Tuesday, March 12 – MPP Deepak Anand and members of the Mississauga-Malton Youth Initiative met on Saturday, March 9, at the Monte Carlo Inn Airport Suites to continue discussions on youth-led community initiatives in the riding.

This second meeting gave the group the chance to dive deeper into some of the issues that they had previously discussed at the last meeting in January and allowed them to zero in on projects they would like to work on with MPP Anand.

The young attendees discussed mental health and job opportunities for youth as two main areas of concern. They expressed their interest in working on reducing the stigma attached to mental health, and in giving their input on the services offered by Malton Youth Wellness Hub. They also suggested setting up forums for open discussions with parents, led by experts, in order to better educate both parents and children about the nuances of mental health and wellness.

MPP Anand also launched “Mississauga-Malton Jobs”, a job portal created for the riding in conjunction with high school student and entrepreneur Lucas Gordon and his start-up RedReach Inc. The portal, which will soon be active, will allow companies and residents of the riding to post and find skilled and unskilled jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. It will also provide advice on resume building and tips on finding jobs.

Premier Doug Ford joined the meeting to interact with the young participants and hear their perspectives on his government’s youth and student initiatives. In a free and frank discussion with Premier Ford, the young participants were open about their hopes, dreams, and fears, focussing especially on the importance of sports and the lack of athletic facilities in Malton. The Premier actively listened and encouraged the youth to continue to be engaged at every level of government, including in their schools and universities. He also heard their concerns on the lack of athletic facilities and promised to try and meet that need.

MPP Anand and his team would like to thank all those who attended the meeting. The group will meet again next month. For any questions about the Youth Initiatives or other future events, please call 905-696-0367 or email [email protected]