MPP Deepak Anand hosts a Senior Strategy Consultation

Press Release: MPP Deepak Anand hosts Senior Strategy Consultation 


An Open Letter to the the Boards of Education and Peel Residents from My Colleagues and I

Peel Region MPPs Deepak Anand, Rudy Cuzzetto, Natalia Kusendova, Kaleed Rasheed, Sheref Sabawy, Amarjot Sandhu,...

Ontario Adding More Mental Health and Addiction Services in Communities Across the Province


May 7, 2019

Mississauga — Ontario’s mental health care system is disconnected, making...

MPP Deepak Anand discusses the benefits of Organ Donation

MPP Deepak Anand discusses the benefits of Organ Donation for Mississauga and Ontario.


Happy 60th Anniversary York University

Deepak makes a statement congratulating York University on their 60th Anniversary.

Deepak's Statement on Alcohol Addiction

On March 20th, MPP Deepak Anand made a statement about Alcohol Addiction. In a social media post, Deepak stated that...

Connecting with Malton Residents at Town Hall Meeting

Malton residents joined MPP Deepak Anand at Malton Community Centre on March 13 for a town hall meeting to talk...

Deepak Hosts 2nd Mississauga-Malton Youth Initiatives Meeting; The Premier Attends

Mississauga, Ontario – Tuesday, March 12 – MPP Deepak Anand and members of the Mississauga-Malton Youth Initiative met on Saturday,...

Deepak Hosts Family Day Paint Night

MPP Deepak Anand hosted a Paint Night to celebrate Family Day with his Mississauga-Malton constituents on Sunday, February 17.


Deepak Connects with Residents

MISSISSAUGA –MALTON residents were invited to join MPP Deepak Anand at Frank McKechnie Community Centre last night for an open...