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Ontario Adopting Process to Better Connect Job Seekers in Peel With Good Jobs

Improved Employment Services to Put Stronger Focus on the Needs of Local Jobseekers, Workers and Employers


February 14, 2020

MISSISSAUGA — The Ontario government is adopting a new locally-focused model that will better connect people with jobs and reward high-performance organizations in Peel Region, Monte McNaughton, Minister...

Premiering Ontario's Film and Television Advisory Panel

Panel members to advise on opportunities to grow province’s film and television industries


February 13, 2020


TORONTO - The Ontario government is establishing a new Ministers' Film and Television Advisory Panel to provide expert advice on ways to grow the film and television...

Ontario Continues to Lead Nation in Job Creation

Open for Jobs Plan is Working


February 7, 2020

TORONTO - Ontario's government continues to deliver on its core commitment to create and protect good jobs as part of its plan to build Ontario together through a thriving and growing economy.

Statistics Canada announced this morning that...

Investing Over $20 Million to Strengthen Community Safety in Peel

Funds will help build safer communities and support the fight against gun and gang violence


January 24, 2020

MISSISSAUGA — The Ontario government is providing $20.5 million to Peel Regional Police to give police officers the tools and resources they need to increase community policing, combat gun...

Ontario Helping Mississauga-Malton’s Kids Stay Active and Healthy

Ontario Helping Mississauga-Malton’s Kids Stay Active and Healthy


December 13, 2019

MISSISSAUGA — Province invests in local after-school programs

Women Abuse Prevention Month

November is Women Abuse Prevention month. It’s heartbreaking to learn that 1 out of 2 women since age of 16 goes through physical/mental/sexual abuse. Every woman deserves life of peace&respect. Big shoutout to @MWCouncil for their passion to support equal opportunities for women

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Remembrance Day 2019

Fall Economic Statement 2019

We’re building Ontario together by creating a competitive business environment, putting more money in people’s pockets, making communities healthier and safer, commutes shorter and government smarter.

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Ontario Making it Easier for Food Banks in Mississauga-Malton to Help Those in Need

Province Removing Unnecessary Barriers for Food Sharing Organizations


October 29, 2019

MISSISSAUGA — Ontario is removing unnecessary barriers for food banks, not-for-profit organizations and charities involved in food donation and community feeding to make it easier...

Ontario Launches Unsolicited Infrastructure Proposals Framework

Government creating new way for private sector to share innovative infrastructure ideas


October 15, 2019

MISSISSAUGA — The Ontario government is launching a new framework for receiving and evaluating infrastructure proposals from the private sector.

Unsolicited proposals (USPs) are proposals to the government that were...

Ontario Supporting Mental Health Initiatives in Mississauga-Malton

Province Recognizing World Mental Health Day


October 10, 2019

MISSISSAUGA – Suicide continues to be a serious global health problem, with someone losing their life to suicide every 40 seconds. In Ontario, about 14 per cent of high school students reported having seriously contemplated suicide...

Ontario Names Advisor on Public Health and Emergency Health Services Consultations

Government creating new way for private sector to share innovative infrastructure ideas


October 10, 2019

Today, Ontario announced that Jim Pine, Chief Administrative Officer of the County of Hastings and former member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, will...