Spring Cheers: Support Our Front-Line Heroes Event

Published on June 07, 2021

On May 29th, Mississauga-Malton families joined me in celebrating our “Spring Cheers: Support Our Front Line Heroes” event. With over a dozen pieces of artwork created, this free, publicly accessible, first-time event was a resounding success.

The premise of the event is simple – I wanted to showcase our community’s profound appreciation for our courageous front-line workers, while also giving families an opportunity to express their creativity after being cooped up for so long.

“I created this artwork in honour of my mom, who is a registered nurse,” said one young Mississauga-Malton resident. “We saw first-hand what she had to deal with and we wanted to thank her and all nurses from the bottom of our hearts.”

Residents created beautiful artwork in their kitchens using recycled material from their houses. This virtual event was a perfect opportunity to showcase our local artwork while expressing appreciation for the superheroes who have made sacrifices to keep us all safe and healthy, especially in a hotspot such as Peel.

 “I’m so glad for all of our residents showing up with their Ontario Spirit, gathering first with their own families and then also virtually with our greater Mississauga-Malton family,” said MPP Deepak Anand. “We are so blessed to have so many front line workers in our community, whether it’s our grocery store workers, health care staff, or those in our transportation and warehousing sector.”

A special thanks also goes out to Jayshree Patel and Angie Munnick, two community members, for working with MPP Anand’s Office to bring this event to fruition.